Gender and Market Initiative: Empowering West African Women through Market-based Food Assistance

In September 2015, and with support from USAID/OFDA, the Regional Bureau for West and Central Africa (RBD) Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) team launched the West Africa Gender and Markets Initiative to strengthen the collection and analysis of gender-informed data on the roles of women and men in markets in the region, their challenges, and their varying levels of empowerment.

VAM Gender Analysis

With support from the Gender Office, VAM has established gender analysis standards for conducting assessments—including in emergency contexts. We have also developed updated guidance on integrating gender into food security and nutrition analysis to inform programmes and interventions in the form of a user-friendly guidance note. Both of these new resources are complemented by a number of supplementary practical tools to support analysis teams.


Workshop Report: Gender Analysis, Women’s Empowerment and Humanitarian Action in West Africa

The WFP RBD VAM Gender Analysis, Women’s Empowerment and Humanitarian Action Regional Workshop was held in Dakar, Senegal on 14-15 June 2016, and brought together nearly 40 participants from a wide range of UN agencies, NGOs and research centers, as well as regional and national government entities, as part of the 2015-2016 OFDA USAID-funded regional pilot initiative, Gender and Markets: Empowering Women in West African Food Markets.


Gender Analysis in Market Assessments

New Data Collection Tools

In the effort to investigate the linkages between gender analysis and market assessments in West Africa, the Regional Bureau, Dakar has developed innovative tools on gender and market assessments.

Gender was integrated for the first time in the Lake Chad Regional Market Assessment questionnaires in 2016. For details on the adapted questionnaire please see:


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