Syntax library

Inspecting syntax files is the best way to work out exactly how variables and indicators have been built.   That's why we've started posting syntax files for many of the standard VAM indicators.  

Keep posted as there's more on the way!

The table below contains syntax files which were used to construct food security indicators.  It also contains the corresponding datasets for your reference.

Geo-referenced Real-time Acquisition of Statistics Platform (GRASP)

The Geo-referenced Real-time Acquisition of Statistics Platform (GRASP) is an application that allows questionnaire design, data collection, transmission and analysis in real-time through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It consists of the following applications:

VAM Questionnaires

Designing a food security survey?  Well, to help you out, we've complied a selection of past VAM questionnaires for your reference (see table below).  

Also, this presentation on questionnaire design covers many really important things to consider when putting together your questionnaire.  Enjoy!

VAM baseline data available now!

We want to tell you about VAM's brand new data catalog.  The catalogues enable you to bowse through information about previous surveys conducted by WFP for recent VAM baseline assessments.


Terms of Reference documents (TORs)

When conducting a food security assessment, you need to recruit the right people with the right skills.     To help with this, we're posting some past VAM TORs for your reference.  

The table below includes some past TORs covering a range of skills and responsibilities.


Sampling tools and guidance

On this page, you'll find all the tools and guidance you'll need to design the sample for your assessment. But if you're still left with questions, you know where to go... (the forums!)

Measuring and Interpreting Malnutrition and Mortality

Here's a great WFP manual on nutrition related data collection.  Check it out!    
The manual is a joint collaboration between the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  It is a key reference document for anyone involved in nutrition related data collection and/or nutrition interventions.

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