Workshop Report: Gender Analysis, Women’s Empowerment and Humanitarian Action in West Africa

The WFP RBD VAM Gender Analysis, Women’s Empowerment and Humanitarian Action Regional Workshop was held in Dakar, Senegal on 14-15 June 2016, and brought together nearly 40 participants from a wide range of UN agencies, NGOs and research centers, as well as regional and national government entities, as part of the 2015-2016 OFDA USAID-funded regional pilot initiative, Gender and Markets: Empowering Women in West African Food Markets.

The overall workshop objective was to bring together diverse actors from West Africa engaged in gender analysis to discuss and share good practices, lessons learned and steps forward using results from the WFP West Africa Gender and Market initiative as a starting point. The workshop was an opportunity for all participants to address gaps and risks, and identify response strategies to strengthen gender analysis for humanitarian action in West Africa.

The Workshop Report (FR / EN) includes tools shared, lessons learned, good practices, and training exercises from experts in the field.

The Workshop Report and supplementary materials should serve as useful resources for VAM colleagues, other WFP staff, and partners. We encourage you to share it widely with your teams and networks to further improve gender analysis capacity to support humanitarian action that is gender equitable and promotes women’s empowerment.

Supplementary Materials:

  • Workshop Evaluation Report (FR / ENG)
  • Participant Presentations
    • GenCap - Analyse Genre en vue de l’Autonomisation dans les Interventions Humanitaires
    • GenCap – GBV Situation in West Africa
    • Hellen Keller International - Investigating Women’s Empowerment for Implementation and Assessment
    • UNHCR – Importance du Genre et de l’Autonomisation pour l’Action Humanitaire 
    • UNICEF –Gender and Empowerment
    • USAID - Indice d’Autonomisation des Femmes dans l’Agriculture (WEAI)
    • World Vison -  Evaluation et analyse du marché pour déterminer la faisabilité d'un projet de transfert d’argent dans la Région de Mopti
    • WFP RBD - mobile Vulnerability Analysis Mapping (mVAM)
    • University of South Florida/ WFP RBD – Gender Roles and Empowerment in Markets in Chad, Mali and Niger.
    • WFP Cameroon - Genre et analyse des marchés et filières alimentaires dans les régions du Nord et de l’Extrême-nord du Cameroun
    • WFP RBD - Gender and empowerment elements in the Lake Chad Regional Market Assessment
    • WFP Burkina Faso – Genre et marche Burkina Faso
    • WFP Senegal - Genre et marché au Sénégal: cas d’étude du GIE des femmes transformatrices « Xaritu Xaléyi » de Kounghel
    • WFP RBD/ WFP Ghana: Empowering West African Women through Market-based Food Assistance