FCS-N Tutorial: How to conduct the FCS-N

This tutorial gives a general overview of the FCS-N (Food Consumption Score Nutrition Quality Analysis).


The FCS-N tutorial introduces you to the FCS-N tool, its steps in SPSS and finishing off in Excel. The tutorial is in 2 parts. 


·         The FCS-N is a tool derived from the corporate indicator FCS looking at three main nutrients (Vitamin A, Protein and Hem Iron) of the food items consumed.

·         More information on the FCS-N tool can be found:
- here on the Resource center > ‘Nutrition’
- on the VAM stop shop www. http://vam.wfp.org/ > ‘Guidelines’
- on WFP’s website http://www.wfp.org/food-security > ‘Guidelines’ > ‘Publications Section’



FCS-N tutorial part 1 from WFP VAM on Vimeo.

FCS-N tutorial part 2 from WFP VAM on Vimeo.