IFPRI Validation of the Food Consumption Score

Have you used the Food Consumption Score in your assessments?  Why not get more informed about this key WFP food security indicator.

How?  By reading this IFPRI study which aimed to validate the indicator.   

Published in 2009 to validate the World Food Programme’s (WFP) method of establishing the prevalence of food insecurity, the study's objective was to validate WFP's method of establishing the prevalence of food insecurity.

The validation work has the following components:

  1. Collecting and analyzing survey data from three countries—Burundi, Haiti, and Sri Lanka—that contain information about calorie consumption at the household level and information needed to construct the FCS;
  2. Establishing the extent to which an assessment of food security status based on the FCS mimics food security status based on household calorie consumption; and
  3. Assessing whether changes to the construction of the FCS would improve its predictive power and whether such changes are feasible, given the environment in which these assessments are typically conducted.

Check it out yourself!