How to do Food Expenditure Analysis

Need to quickly calculate food expenditure indicators?!!  Don't panic.... this tutorial series will show you (step-by-step in SPSS) how to create the expenditure indicators built using WFP questionnaires.  Enjoy!!

Be sure to check out the corresponding syntax for each tutorial (bottom of page). 

Part 1. Total monthly household expenditures

Part 2. Total monthly per capita expenditure

Part 3. Per capita monthly food expenditures

Part 4. Expenditure shares on food


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Syntax 1 - total hh exp
Syntax 2 - Per capita monthly exp
Syntax 3 - Per capita exp
Syntax 4 - Share food exp
Pwrpoint slides on expenditures (Rome, 2011)


***Coming soon*** Part 5. Share of expenditures on specific food items

***Coming soon*** Part 6. Building the expenditure chart