FCS-N Tutorial: How to conduct the FCS-N

This tutorial gives a general overview of the FCS-N (Food Consumption Score Nutrition Quality Analysis).


The FCS-N tutorial introduces you to the FCS-N tool, its steps in SPSS and finishing off in Excel. The tutorial is in 2 parts. 


·         The FCS-N is a tool derived from the corporate indicator FCS looking at three main nutrients (Vitamin A, Protein and Hem Iron) of the food items consumed.


CARI tutorial: How to conduct the CARI

This tutorial gives a general overview of the CARI (Consolidated Approach for Reporting Indicators of Food Security).

The CARI tutorial introduces you to the CARI and the CARI algorithm, and will show you how:

How to use the VAM Country Report Portal

This tutorial describes how to access and login to the food price portal (available here) and how to upload prices.

It's been prepared for all you focal points responsible for uploading the food prices in your country. 

Specifically, it'll show you how to:

  • login to the website,
  • prepare your data using the country template, and, 
  • finalise and approve the data.


How to use the VAM Price Data Store

Here's a quick video introduction to VAM's Price data store (available here).  Check it out!

The price data store contains market price information on the most commonly consumed staple foods.  It aims to provide a source of information and analysis to aid anyone interested in food security and staple food price dynamics. 

How to do Food Expenditure Analysis

Need to quickly calculate food expenditure indicators?!!  Don't panic.... this tutorial series will show you (step-by-step in SPSS) how to create the expenditure indicators built using WFP questionnaires.  Enjoy!!

Be sure to check out the corresponding syntax for each tutorial (bottom of page). 

Part 1. Total monthly household expenditures

How to construct the Food Consumption Score

Check out this video on how to calculate the FCS using SPSS

The Food Consumption Score (FCS) is the most commonly used food security indicator derived from CFSVA surveys. It represents households' dietary diversity and nutrient intake. The FCS is calculated by inspecting how often households consume food items from the different food groups during a 7 day reference period.

How to build a Coping Strategies Index

We don't think you can cope without knowing how to construct WFP's Coping Strategy Index (CSI)....  so we've created this tutorial showing you all the steps :) 

This video shows the Reduced Coping Strategy Index being built in SPSS.  Enjoy!

The Reduced Coping Strategy Index (CSI) measures food insecurity by considering the activities undertaken by households to manage food shortages.

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