With these VAM instructional tutorials you can now access training anytime at your desktop!  

The list below includes both available and forthcoming tutorials.  Keep posted as there are many more to come! (and please do let us know which videos you'd like to see next: wfp.vamresourcecenter@wfp.org)

Using the VAM Food and Commodity Prices Data Store
Uploading food prices to the VAM Portal
Remote Mobile Data Collection (mVAM online course)
Intro to Stata (coming soon)
Survey sampling (coming soon)
Survey weights (coming soon)
Cleaning your dataset (coming soon)


Standard WFP Indicators
Coping Strategies Index
Food Consumption Score
Expenditure Analysis
CARI (Consolidated Approach for Reporting Indicators of Food Security)
Livelihood clusters (coming soon)
Food sources (coming soon)
Diet Diversity (coming soon)
Food Access indicators (coming soon)
Anthropometric indicators (coming soon)


GIS and Mapping
Mapping food security data (coming soon)
Creating a map using external GPS data (coming soon)
Mapping nutrition data (coming soon)


Other indicators
Kilocalorie intake (coming soon)
Food energy deficiency rate (coming soon)
Diet diversity and low diet diversity (coming soon)
High staples intake (coming soon)
High food expenditures (coming soon)
Poor dietary intake (coming soon)
kilocalorie intake by food groups (coming soon)
Chronic and transitory indicators (coming soon)


Non-WFP tutorial sites Description
Kahn Academy Video tutorial library containing over 100 videos on statistics
SPSS On-line Training Workshop Dozens of tutorials on SPSS provided by Central Michigan University
How2Stats More SPSS tutorials! A whole range of stats techniques for you to learn.
ESRI On-line Training Over 100 freely availble ARCGIS and mapping tutorials



WFP Tutorials

How to construct the Food Consumption Score

Check out this video on how to calculate the FCS using SPSS

The Food Consumption Score (FCS) is the most commonly used food security indicator derived from CFSVA surveys. It represents households' dietary diversity and nutrient intake. The FCS is calculated by inspecting how often households consume food items from the different food groups during a 7 day reference period.

***Note that this tutorial refers to a previous version of the FCS module, but will still demonstrate the key SPSS functions required to construct the FCS. The current module (and accompaying syntax) can be found within the posted CARI guidance.*** 

Related resources
FCS syntax
FCS Powerpoint slides (Bangkok, 2009)
FCS guidelines (WFP, 2008)


How to build a Coping Strategies Index

We don't think you can cope without knowing how to construct WFP's Coping Strategy Index (CSI)....  so we've created this tutorial showing you all the steps :) 

This video shows the Reduced Coping Strategy Index being built in SPSS.  Enjoy!

The Reduced Coping Strategy Index (CSI) measures food insecurity by considering the activities undertaken by households to manage food shortages.

Related Resources
CSI syntax used in tutorial
CSI training slides (Bangkok 2009 workshop)
CSI Field Methods Manual (WFP, 2008)