VAM Questionnaires

Designing a food security survey?  Well, to help you out, we've complied a selection of past VAM questionnaires for your reference (see table below).  

Also, this presentation on questionnaire design covers many really important things to consider when putting together your questionnaire.  Enjoy!

Country/ Assessment type Survey               Year Language Related materials

Yemen (CFSVA)

Household questionnaire (pdf)

Community questionnaire (pdf)





Cameroon (CFSVA)


Questionnaire Menage (pdf)

Questionnaire Village (pdf)

2011 French

Sierra Leone (CFSVA)


Household questionnaire (pdf)

Community questionnaire (pdf)

2010 English


Bangladesh (CFSVA)


Household questionnaire (pdf)

Nutrition questionnaire (pdf)

Trader questoinnaire (pdf)

2008-09 English

Mozambique (CFSVA)


Household questionnaire (pdf)

2009 Portugese
Rapid EFSA

Community questionnaire (pdf)

Household questionnaire (pdf)


Lake Chad

Market Questionnaire in English, French

Trader Questionnaire in English, French

Transporter Questionnaire in English, French

2016 English, French



***More to come

(EFSAs, JAMs, 

FSMS, Market, ...etc)