Technical Guidance

Various technical guidance documents

Market Analysis Tool: How to Conduct a Trader Survey?

Want to know how to conduct a simple trader survey?  Of course you do!  That's why we've uploaded this technical guidance sheet.  

Estimating Household Net Seller Buyer Status

How do you work out whether a household is a netseller or a netbuyer of food?  This technical guidance sheet will help.  

It provides sufficient information to WFP Country Office and partner staff to identify and profile households as net-sellers and/or netbuyers of food within a specified time period, typically on a seasonal basis or over a year.


Strengthening Rapid Food and Nutrition Security Assessments

Hey!  Check out this useful nutrition guidance.  It clarifies the objectives of rapid integrated food and nutrition security assessments, and provides options and advice for carrying them out.  

Click the document below...


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